NBA Scouting Live’s 2024 NBA Mock Draft

June 23rd, 2024

by NBA Scouting Live

Last month, the Atlanta Hawks were awarded the first overall pick of the 2024 NBA Draft. On stage that day were Mark Tatum and Landry Fields.
(Photo: Kena Krutsinger/NBAE via Getty Images, via Los Angeles Times)

Today, we held the 2024 NBA Mock Draft. This time around, we decided to make this a no-trades mock draft, as there were fewer people participating this go around. Still, we planned on having a mock draft this year, so we were able to hold on a couple of hours ago.

This year, Richard Lu and Alan Lu made the selections in this year’s mock draft, and we split up the picks evenly between them, giving them an even number of picks in both the first and second round. Here is what they did with their teams, with the provided explanations below.

2024 NBA Mock Draft 1st Round

Round 1PickRound 2Pick
1. Atlanta Hawks Alex Sarr, F-C, Perth (France)31. Toronto RaptorsTristen Newton, G, Connecticut
2.  Washington WizardsZaccharie Risacher, F, JL Bourg (France)32. Utah JazzAdem Bona, C, UCLA
3. Houston RocketsDonovan Clingan, C, Connecticut33. Milwaukee BucksJonathan Mogbo, F, San Francisco
4. San Antonio SpursReed Sheppard, G, Kentucky34. Portland Trail Blazers Tyler Kolek, G, Marquette
5. Detroit PistonsMatas Buzelis, F, G-League Ignite (USA – Chicago, IL)35. San Antonio Spurs Yves Missi, C, Baylor
6. Charlotte HornetsCody Williams, F, Colorado36. Indiana PacersIsaiah Crawford, F, Louisiana Tech
7. Portland Trail BlazersStephon Castle, G, Connecticut37. Minnesota TimberwolvesCarlton Carrington, G, Pittsburgh
8. San Antonio SpursRob Dillingham, G, Kentucky38. New York KnicksBobi Klintman, F-C, Cairns (Sweden)
9. Memphis GrizzliesRon Holland, F, G-League Ignite (USA – Duncanville, TX)39. Memphis Grizzlies Jalen Bridges, F, Baylor
10. Utah JazzDalton Knecht, G-F, Tennessee40. Portland Trail Blazers Pacome Dadiet, F, Ratiopharm Ulm (France)
11. Chicago BullsNikola Topic, G-F, Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)41. Philadelphia 76ersUlrich Chomche, C, NBA Academy Africa (Cameroon) 
12. Oklahoma City ThunderKel’el Ware, F-C, Indiana42. Charlotte HornetsCam Spencer, G, Connecticut
13. Sacramento KingsDevin Carter, G, Providence43. Miami Heat Kyshawn George, F, Miami
14. Portland Trail BlazersTidjane Salaun, F, Cholet Basket (France)44. Houston Rockets AJ Johnson, G, Illawarra (USA – Fresno, CA)
15. Miami HeatTerrence Shannon Jr., G-F, Illinois45. Sacramento Kings Oso Ighodaro, F-C, Marquette
16. Philadelphia 76ersJa’Kobe Walter, G, Baylor46. Los Angeles ClippersTrentyn Flowers, F, Adelaide (USA – Baltimore, MD)
17. Los Angeles LakersTristan da Silva, F, Colorado47. Orlando Magic Jamal Shead, G, Houston
18. Orlando MagicKyle Filipowski, F-C, Duke48. San Antonio Spurs Cameron Christie, G-F, Minnesota
19. Toronto RaptorsDaRon Holmes II, C, Dayton49. Indiana Pacers  Enrique Freeman, F, Akron
20. Cleveland CavaliersJared McCain, G, Duke50. Indiana Pacers Jaylen Wells, F, Washington State
21. New Orleans PelicansIsaiah Collier, G, USC51. Washington Wizards Jaylon Tyson, G-F, California
22. Phoenix SunsZach Edey, C, Purdue52. Golden State Warriors Dillon Jones, G-F, Weber State
23. Milwaukee BucksKevin McCullar Jr., G-F, Kansas53. Detroit Pistons Pelle Larsson, G-F, Arizona
24. New York KnicksBaylor Scheierman, G-F, Creighton54. Boston Celtics Antonio Reeves, G, Kentucky
25. New York KnicksJustin Edwards, F, Kentucky55. Los Angeles Lakers Johnny Furphy, F, Kansas
26. Washington WizardsTyler Smith, F-C, G-League Ignite (USA – Houston, TX)56. Denver NuggetsKeshad Johnson, F, Arizona
27. Minnesota TimberwolvesHarrison Ingram, F, North Carolina57. Memphis GrizzliesKJ Simpson, G, Colorado
28. Denver NuggetsNikola Djurisic, G-F, Mega Bemax (Belgium/Serbia)58. Dallas MavericksMelvin Ajinca, G-F, Saint-Quentin Basketball (France)
29. Utah JazzRyan Dunn, F, Virginia
30. Boston Celtics Malevy Leons, F, Bradley

2024 NBA Draft Mock Draft 1st Round

1.        Atlanta Hawks (Alan Lu)Alex Sarr, F-C, Perth (Australia)

The Atlanta Hawks had a disastrous year despite having two All-Star guards in Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that these two star players don’t work well together.  Despite having a roster that looks pretty good on paper, the Hawks missed the playoffs, and they had an atrocious defense this year.  Even worse, second-year swingman AJ Griffin took a major step back in his development, as he didn’t play much or very well under head coach Quin Snyder.  On the bright side, Jalen Johnson took a step forward by having a very good season and by improving vastly this year.

Sarr reportedly doesn’t want to play in Atlanta, so for most of the day, the mock draft GM was thrown in a loop and was believed to be leaning towards selecting Clingan with the first pick after this news. But after reading The Basketball Network’s article on Stephen Curry with Don Nelson holding firm and convincing Curry to play in Golden State, the mock draft GM decided to select Sarr for Atlanta after all.

Alex Sarr is a very tall, gifted big man that has strong rim protection skills, and he is a high-flyer that also has the potential to develop into a dynamic offensive player. He put forth sterling performances against the G-League Ignite in the two exhibition games. Over time, Atlanta probably would be able to convince Sarr to play for them if they were to select him, and Sarr would both help fortify and anchor the paint defensively, provide Trae Young with a credible lob threat, and is a high-upside player that could be another cornerstone player for their franchise.

2.        Washington Wizards (Richard Lu)Zaccharie Risacher, F, JL Bourg (France)

The Washington Wizards had a very rough season, in which they fired their previous head coach Wes Unseld Jr. midway through the season, and their big acquisition Jordan Poole didn’t play nearly as well as expected, as he shot the ball poorly overall this past season, but a late second half surge under the new head coach Brian Keefe has leading some of their fans to be as optimistic as ever.  On the bright side, they got some good seasons out of Kyle Kuzma, Deni Avdija, and Tyus Jones,  but the Wizards as a team were bad on both sides of the ball. Meanwhile, with the roster they have, the player they select here will be a very talented prospect that could be a cornerstone player for the future.

Zaccharie Risacher is a tall, very skilled and versatile swingman that had a solid season in some of the toughest leagues overseas. He’s a sharpshooter that can make hustle plays on both ends of the floor and may be able to play the point forward in a pinch. He’ll need to improve his shot creation skills and keep his motor on high, but he is a very skilled player that can provide the Wizards with both immediate help and also can be a cornerstone player for their franchise.

3.        Houston Rockets (Alan Lu) Donovan Clingan, C, Connecticut

Houston Rockets had a surprisingly decent season under their new head coach Ime Udoka.  He took them to respectability, and they have an emerging core group of young players that are led by Alperen Sengun, Jalen Green, Jabari Smith, Amen Thompson, and Cam Whitmore, as well as a mix of solid veterans in Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks.  They didn’t quite have enough to make the playoffs, but they finished around the league average in both offense and defense.

Donovan Clingan is a terrific interior defender and shot blocker that will provide great rim protection, and he is a very tall, athletic center that can anchor the paint. He’ll still need to add a reliable outside shot to his arsenal, but Clingan is a polished player that projects to play well right away for a team that appears to be on the upswing.

4.        San Antonio Spurs (Richard Lu)Reed Sheppard, G, Kentucky

The San Antonio Spurs had a terrific individual season from their Rookie of the Year award winning 7-4 center Victor Wembanyama, whose strong all-around skills gives them an exciting franchise player for years to come, and he also made the All-Defensive first team.  They also have a slew of steady reliable veterans, as well as two top ten picks.  Though the Spurs missed the playoffs this year, Wembanyama and head coach Gregg Popovich will bring excitement to their fan base next season and for the future.

Reed Sheppard is a smart, skilled point guard that is a tremendous shooter, is a solid facilitator, and he is a high-motor playmaker that constantly gives great effort on the defensive end. He is a high-floor prospect that can provide immediate help to San Antonio, and he would greatly fit the skills of Wembanyama.

5.        Detroit Pistons (Richard Lu)Matas Buzelis, F, G-League Ignite (USA – Chicago, IL)

The Detroit Pistons were really bad this year, and while they are optimistic that Cade Cunningham can be their franchise player, they had another really bad season, as they were not good at all on either side of the ball.  Ausar Thompson had a pleasantly promising rookie season, but the Pistons lost a lot of games under former Coach of the Year winner Monty Williams, and they seemed to play uninspired basketball this year, and they later fired Williams this year. Right now, they will have to build around Cunningham, but they will need to eventually start winning games for their fanbase to believe in this team again.

Matas Buzelis is a very tall, skilled athletic forward that can score the basketball in a variety of ways, and he has the physical tools to project to be a plus-level defender. He is a versatile player that has upside, and he can finish plays above the rim, can shoot it with range, and can put the ball in the hoop. He’ll need to improve his shot selection, but he is a high-upside prospect that would pair well with Cunningham in Detroit.

6.        Charlotte Hornets (Alan Lu)Cody Williams, F, Colorado

The Charlotte Hornets have been a disappointing team for awhile, with Mitch Kupchak’s move of firing James Borrego years ago as being a key reason for the blame, along with Ball struggling to stay healthy. They do have All-Star guard LaMelo Ball, an absolute playmaking force when healthy, he really hasn’t been very healthy over the past few years, and the Hornets have really struggled defensively.  They had a solid rookie season out of Brandon Miller, but as a team, the Hornets were bad on both sides of the ball.

Cody Williams is an athletic, high-motor forward that has a variety of skills that could prove to be useful in this league. When healthy, he is a tough, two-way wing that can shoot from the outside, can ably create and score, is an unselfish player that can set up others, and is a tenacious defender, and his skill set, versatility, and upside would make him an intriguing pick for Charlotte.

7.        Portland Trail Blazers (Alan Lu)Stephon Castle, G, Connecticut

The Portland Trail Blazers traded away Damian Lillard just before the season started, and as expected, they finished as one of the worst teams in basketball.  They struggled to score on offense, and their prized rookie point guard Scoot Henderson had an up and down rookie season.  They have some solid group of young players and veterans on their roster, but their team didn’t gel well together, and Robert Williams played just six games before missing the rest of the season due to injury. In the meantime, Shaedon Sharpe, DeAndre Ayton, and Anfernee Simons will be key players for them next season.

Castle is a very athletic, tough swingman that is a strong defender, has very good playmaking skills, and can ably create his own shot and score on offense. He can play any of the perimeter positions, and he is a good decision maker that also boasts having a championship pedigree. He’ll need to improve his outside shot, but his strong defense, versatility, ability to play any of the perimeter positions, and upside makes this an intriguing pick for Portland.

8.        San Antonio Spurs (Richard Lu)Rob Dillingham, G, Kentucky

Rob Dillingham is an athletic, skilled point guard that is a three-level scorer, and he is a crafty playmaker that will find ways to rack up points and assists. He has deep range, is a skilled scorer off the dribble, and he also can consistently get his teammates the basketball. He’s a bit undersized for his position, which could hurt him defensively, but his offensive skills and shot-creation skills would make him a very good pick for San Antonio.

9.        Memphis Grizzlies (Alan Lu)Ron Holland, F, G-League Ignite (USA – Duncanville, TX)

The Memphis Grizzlies got off to a really slow start after Ja Morant missed the first 25 games due to suspension, and they never really got back on track.  Even former Defensive Player of the Year award winner Jaren Jackson Jr. didn’t have nearly the same impact without Steven Adams around, and the positional adjustment to playing center at the start of the season was too much for him to handle, as he struggled to rebound or to be the sole anchor on the defensive end.   Morant was able to steady the ship a bit before he got hurt and missed the rest of the season, but the Grizzlies had a very good rookie season from G.G. Jackson.

Ron Holland is a tremendously athletic, energetic forward that can score and defend, and he is a high-motor player that has a vast amount of upside. He’s one of the youngest players in the draft, and he is a downhill driver that can consistently get to the rim to score and generate a lot of free throws. He’ll need to significantly improve his outside shot and continue to improve his decision-making skills on offense, but that said, Holland is a very talented prospect that could end up being one of the best players in this draft.

10.  Utah Jazz (Richard Lu)Dalton Knecht, G-F, Tennessee

The Utah Jazz traded to get John Collins in the offseason, but in the very competitive West, they weren’t able to sneak up on teams this year as they had in 2023.  Still, they have a very solid, skilled versatile player in former All-Star forward, Lauri Markkanen.  The Jazz were a solid offensive team, but they were ranked one of the worst defensive teams in the league this year, despite having some solid defenders on their roster such as Walker Kessler and Kris Dunn.  They also could improve their shooting, and they could use players that help them in those aspects of the game.

Dalton Knecht is an agile, skilled swingman that can really shoot and score the basketball. He is a tremendous shooter, and he also has some playmaking and defensive skills as well. He’s one of the older prospects amongst those that are likely to go in the lottery, so it’s uncertain as to how much upside he may have, but Knecht is a polished player whose strong offensive skills will make him a great pick for Utah.

11.  Chicago Bulls (Alan Lu)Nikola Topic, G, Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

The Chicago Bulls had a group of solid star players on their roster, but they weren’t able to gel together out in the East.  They were fairly middling on defense, and for a team that has multiple All-Stars, they were a below average offensive unit this year.  The big question is will they move Zach LaVine and has massive contract to another team, or if they’ll hold onto him, but the guess is that it’ll be very difficult for them to trade him and they’ll likely end up holding onto him for another season. They’ll need to improve their shooting and playmaking, and they will need to find better ways to maximize their roster next year.

Topic is a tall, skilled point guard that has solid shot-creation and distribution skills. He is a cerebral playmaker that excels at driving to the basket to score and generate offense for his team, and he has a high basketball IQ. He’s put up strong numbers overseas, which is impressive considering that he is one of the youngest prospects in the draft. He’ll need to be a more consistent three-point shooter and defender in games and he’s also currently out due to a knee injury, but Topic’s size, shot-making and decision making prowess, and ability to play any of the perimeter positions would make him a solid pick for Chicago at this spot.

12.  Oklahoma City Thunder (Richard Lu)Kel’el Ware, F-C, Indiana

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a really good season this year.  They had a stellar year from their superstar guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, as well as from rookie big man Chet Holmgren, who provided efficient shot making and stellar defense.  They got very good production out of Jalen Williams, a rising star, and Lu Dort has continued to be one of the best defenders in the league.  They came up short in their postseason loss to the Mavericks, and neither Giddey nor their midseason acquisition Gordon Hayward played well against Dallas, and they will need a player that could be better suited in a 3 and D role instead of Hayward.

Ware is a very athletic, skilled big man that can score in a variety of ways, stretch the defenses with his floor-spacing capabilities, and provide rim protection. He can step into a rotation right away and also is a solid overall prospect that would be a good pick for Oklahoma City.

13.  Sacramento Kings (Richard Lu)Devin Carter, G, Providence

After the Sacramento Kings had a very good season in 2023, they barely missed the playoffs as they lost in their second play-in tournament game in the very competitive Western Conference.  They still had good individual seasons under Domantas Sabonis and De’Aaron Fox, but they were a middling defensive team this year, and they will need to strengthen their team’s offense to help it be as potent and strong as it was before.

Carter is a tough, tenacious point guard that will play pesky defense, and he also is a three-level scorer that can knock down shots. He had a very good season this year, and he would be a solid pickup for Sacramento here.

14.  Portland Trail Blazers (Alan Lu)Tidjane Salaun, F, Cholet Basket (France)

Tidjane Salaun is a tremendously athletic forward that will make hustle plays on both ends of the floor, and he is a player that may have a vast amount of upside. He can shoot it from deep and can throw down highlight reel-worthy fastbreak dunks. He’s also one of the youngest prospects in the draft, and he played fairly well in one of the toughest professional leagues. He’ll still need to be a more consistent player in games, but he is a very talented prospect that could be a great pick for Portland in the long term.

15.  Miami Heat (Richard Lu)Terrence Shannon Jr., G-F, Illinois

After reaching the NBA Finals last year, The Miami Heat missed out on an opportunity to land Lillard in a trade to bolster their offense and surround superstar forward Jimmy Butler with some needed help, and it showed this year, as they struggled to score on offense this year.  They ended up losing in the first round to Boston, and there was some drama in the offseason, as Pat Riley was unhappy with Jimmy Butler’s comments involving Boston, and given Butler’s advanced age, this may raise questions about where the Heat may be headed in the future. But until then, it is likely that they will continue to build around Butler and their current team, regardless of the eyebrow-raising comments that were made in the offseason.

Terrence Shannon Jr. is an athletic, strong swingman that had a tremendous season this year at Illinois, and he has a solid set of all-around skills. He’s a polished player that does pretty much everything well, and he can shoot, score, and defend on the floor. He is a tough, hard-nosed player that can also throw down impactful dunks on the break, and he is a tough, two-way wing that would help Miami.

16.  Philadelphia 76ers (Alan Lu)Ja’Kobe Walter, G, Baylor

The Philadelphia 76ers got off to a very good start this year, as they received an All-Star season out of Tyrese Maxey, and superstar center Joel Embiid played very well in the regular season when he was healthy.  However, he spent a considerable amount of time inactive due to injury, but he was healthy in time for the playoffs.  However, Embiid and the 76ers underachieved in the playoffs, as they ended up losing in the first round to the Knicks, which sparks concerns of if Philadelphia will ever get far or make a deep run in the playoffs, as they’ve had a habit of losing early in the postseason. Despite those concerns, the 76ers will need to march on forward to continue to build around Embiid and Maxey.

Ja’Kobe Walter is an athletic, skilled combo guard that can shoot and score the basketball, and he also may have a vast amount of upside. He also has good handles for a player his size. He’ll need to improve his decision-making skills on offense and defense, but his shotmaking prowess and ability to generate offense would make him a very good pick for Philadelphia.

17.  Los Angeles Lakers (Alan Lu)Tristan da Silva, F, Colorado

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers had reached the Conference Finals with LeBron James and Anthony Davis there to run the team, so it was expected that they would make another deep playoff run with second-year head coach Darvin Ham, fresh off his rookie season success as their head coach.  However, after the Lakers won the in-season tournament, things snowballed for them, as they didn’t quite have the season they were expecting, and they were ousted yet again in the playoffs by Denver, this time in the first round.  Though they dismissed a solid coach in Ham, they hired an equally bright mind in JJ Redick. In the meantime, the Lakers could still look to improve their shooting, rebounding, and defense.

Da Silva is a tall, agile combo forward that would project well into a 3 and D role, and he is a smart, versatile player that does a lot of things well. He is a skilled player that can fit into any team system, and he would project well into a complementary role in this league.

18.  Orlando Magic (Richard Lu)Kyle Filipowski, F-C, Duke

The Orlando Magic surpassed expectations as they were able to reach the playoffs this year, and they had very solid seasons from first time All-Star Paolo Banchero, as well as from Franz Wagner, who helped Germany win the FIBA World Cup this year.  Jalen Suggs also improved immensely, as he was named to the All-Defensive 2nd Team.   Orlando had one of the best defenses in the NBA, but they’ll need to improve their shooting and offense to be able to advance further in the playoffs next year.

Filipowski is an agile, skilled big man that had a very good sophomore season at Duke. He is a versatile, offensively skilled big man that has shown a much improved outside shot, and he can mix it up to score in a variety of ways. He passes and handles the ball well, especially for a player his size, and he is also a good rebounder. He’ll need to continue to improve his defense and consistently, but he is a skilled, energetic player that would be a very good pick for Orlando.

19.  Toronto Raptors (Richard Lu)DaRon Holmes II, C, Dayton

The Toronto Raptors went into rebuilding mode, and they have been building a solid nucleus of players around their All-Star Scottie Barnes, and they were able to surround him with RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley in a trade they made with New York.  As a team though, they were just not very good, as they struggled on both sides of the ball.  While they excelled at moving the ball, they struggled at almost everything else as a team this season. Despite that, they have plenty to work with for next season, as their current squad gives them plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the future.

DaRon Holmes is an athletic, strong big man that has been productive at Dayton, and had a great year this season. He has a modern skill set, as he can rim run, step out to knock down outside shots, is a capable defender, and he’s a mobile big man that checks a lot of the boxes to be a quality big man in the NBA.

20.  Cleveland Cavaliers (Richard Lu)Jared McCain, G, Duke

The Cleveland Cavaliers won plenty of games in the regular season, and they have a quartet of star players that consist of Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, and Evan Mobley, but after their team lost in the second round in the playoffs to Boston, they ended up firing their head coach, JB Bickerstaff, even though the Celtics were just a flat-out better team than them.  They’ll need to improve their offense and add more firepower, and they’ll need to find ways to make deeper runs in the postseason. Even more importantly, they’ll need to hire a head coach, but that person will have to shoulder some heavy expectations, especially as they fired a coach that won 99 regular season games in the past two years.

Jared McCain is an agile, sharpshooting combo guard that can play off an existing ball handler, which would also could be insurance in case if they were to decide to trade Mitchell or Garland. Moreover, McCain’s strong shooting and offensive skills would give them plenty of options on offense, as he also can play the point.

21.  New Orleans Pelicans (Alan Lu)Isaiah Collier, G, USC

The New Orleans Pelicans made positive strides this season, as they were able to make it to the playoffs after having a mostly healthy year from their star forwards Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.  They were in the upper-tier on both sides of the ball, and they also have a solid supporting cast that includes CJ McCollum, Jonas Valanciunas, and Herb Jones.  They’ll need their stars to stay healthy, a connector that can consistently get them the ball, and a distinct style that allows their players to play well.

Isaiah Collier is a very athletic, strong combo guard that excels as a slasher and shot creator on offense. He was projected very high for most of the year due to his great size to play the point, athleticism, and upside, but his team didn’t have a very good season, so his stock has been dropping right now. He’ll need to improve his outside shot and cut down on the turnovers, and it’s unclear if he can play off other good players, but Collier is a very talented prospect whose athleticism, scoring skills, and ability to play the point would make him an intriguing pick for New Orleans.

22.  Phoenix Suns (Alan Lu)Zach Edey, C, Purdue

The Phoenix Suns had made bold choices by trading valuable role players and many draft picks in order to pair their superstar guard Devin Booker with other stars in Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal, but so far, it hasn’t panned out too well, as they’ve struggled to stay healthy, and the Suns ended up losing in the first round of the playoffs, which promoted the dismissal of their head coach Frank Vogel.  The Suns hired Mike Budenholzer to be their new head coach as they plan to run back mostly the same roster, but the Suns will need to be more creative with their offensive schemes and improve on the defensive end.

Edey is the reigning Wooden award winner, and he had back-to-back, really good seasons in college basketball. He is a 7-4 center that offers great size, a solid post-up option, and some rim protection. There have been questions about his ability to adapt to the modern game, but he’s shown improved mobility and a recent willingness to take more jump shots, and with Nurkic being at times injury prone, Edey would help fortify Phoenix’s interior on their team.

23.  Milwaukee Bucks (Richard Lu)Kevin McCullar Jr., G-F, Kansas

The Milwaukee Bucks were poised to be one of the favorites after they landed Damian Lillard in a blockbuster trade with Portland, and they were pairing him up with their superstar forward, Giannis Antetokounmpo.  However, the season got off to a bump ride as they dealt with chemistry issues stemming from their new head coach Adrian Griffin’ treatment of coaches and players, so Griffin was fired before the All-Star break despite the Bucks winning a lot of games.  They hired Doc Rivers to be their new coach, but then injuries happened in the playoffs to their best players, and Milwaukee lost early in the second round to Indiana.

Kevin McCullar is a skilled swingman that is a solid defender, can space the floor, and is a cerebral playmaker that can play multiple positions. He would fit into Milwaukee’s system because they need wings to spread the floor to help Giannis and Dame, and McCullar could be able to step in quickly to play in their rotation.

24.  New York Knicks (Alan Lu)Baylor Scheierman, G-F, Creighton

The New York Knicks had a solid season overall, even if they came up short in the second round of the playoffs.  They had a sterling season from All-Star point guard Jalen Brunson, and the chemistry of the Villanova players were in full effect, as they were able to surprisingly defeat the 76ers in the first round of the playoffs this year.  The Knicks struggled to stay healthy in the second round against Indiana.  They had one of the best defenses, but they will need to add more firepower to be an even more dynamic team in the postseason.

Baylor Scheierman is an agile, skilled swingman that can play a variety of positions, and he is a smart player that can shoot and pass the basketball. He is a very skilled offensive player that could contribute right away, and he could be a solid contributor for the Knicks.

25.  New York Knicks (Alan Lu)Justin Edwards, F, Kansas

Justin Edwards is a very athletic swingman that projects into a 3 and D role, and may have considerable upside as a prospect for the NBA. He’s had his ups and downs as he got off to a slow start, but he had a very good second half as he finished the season pretty strong. He’s shown remarkable improvement with his jump shot as the season’s progressed, and he would enter the league with a clearly defined role, as his ability to space the floor, defend, and make hustle plays could enable him to be a solid role player in thi league.

26.  Washington Wizards (Richard Lu)Tyler Smith, F-C, G-League Ignite (USA – Houston, TX)

Tyler Smith is an athletic, toolsy big man that has the potential to be a stretch big and rim protector, and he’s a mobile defender. He’ll need to be more consistent in games, but there’s plenty to like about his game, and his versatility and skill set could make him a solid pickup for Washington.

27.   Minnesota Timberwolves (Alan Lu)Harrison Ingram, F, North Carolina

The Minnesota Timberwolves had a successful season, as they managed to defeat the former defending champions Denver due to having a tremendously athletic star combo guard in Anthony Edwards, as well as a very talented big man tandem in Karl-Anthony Towns and four-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner Rudy Gobert.  They also have a steady and reliable, but aging point guard in Mike Conley, and Naz Reid won the Sixth Man of the Year award this year.  Jaden McDaniels also defended very well and made the All-Defensive 2nd Team.  However, they didn’t have nearly the same amount of success in the next round as they ended up losing to Dallas in the Conference Finals, and they will need to find a way to add more defensive talent to try to slow down Dallas and also to bolster their overall roster.

Ingram is a strong, mobile combo forward that has shown an improved outside shot and is a strong playmaker that has good court vision. He is a smart, skilled forward that tends to make solid decisions on offense, and he would project to be a solid, versatile role player in this league.

28.  Denver Nuggets (Alan Lu)Nikola Djurisic, G-F, Mega Bemax (Belgium/Serbia)

The Denver Nuggets had won the championship last year as they had a tremendous season from superstar center Nikola Jokic as well as from star point guard Jamal Murray and star forward Aaron Gordon, and they appeared poised for a repeat.  However, they made a controversial decision to not re-sign their defensive glue guy Bruce Brown, and they let him go to Indiana.  They decided to cobble their bench together with young players, but in the playoffs, their head coach Michael Malone didn’t trust them, and despite an MVP performance from Jokic, Denver lost to Minnesota in seven games in the second round.

Djurisic is an athletic, skilled forward that has been moving up draft boards over the past few months. He is a tall point forward that has good court vision, and he can generate offense for his team. He’ll need to improve his outside shot and be a more consistent defender in games, but he is a cerebral playmaker that could be a very interesting pick for Denver.

29.  Utah Jazz (Richard Lu)Ryan Dunn, F, Virginia

Ryan Dunn has the potential to be a multi-positional defender. He’s a great athlete that defends well. He needs to really work on his jump shot, but if he can get that to a passable level, he could be a really valuable defensive specialist in this league.

30.  Boston Celtics (Richard Lu)Malevy Leons, F, Bradley

The Boston Celtics won the 2024 NBA championship, and they were in command of the postseason for most of the time being, as they were able to defeat Dallas in 5 games this year.  They have young star forwards in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and both of them can make a tremendous impact on both ends of the floor.  7-3 Lithuanian center Kristaps Porzingis is a dynamic scorer and an athletic rim protector when healthy, who has served to make their team’s offense even more potent.  Jrue Holiday and Derrick White have been two of their team’s best defenders, and Al Horford has been a steady, reliable veteran presence. 

Malevy Leons is an unheralded prospect, but he is a standout defender, and has the versatility to switch and defend multiple positions on the floor. His jump shot has started to come around, so he could still space the floor by being able to knock down threes. He’s also unselfish, so his profile would fit in well with a veteran-heavy, championship type of team.

NBA Scouting Live’s 2024 2nd Round Mock Draft

31.   Toronto Raptors (Richard Lu) – Tristen Newton, G, Connecticut

32.  Utah Jazz (Richard Lu) – Adem Bona, C, UCLA

33.   Milwaukee Bucks (Richard Lu) – Jonathan Mogbo, F, San Francisco

34.  Portland Trail Blazers (Alan Lu) – Tyler Kolek, G, Marquette

35.  San Antonio Spurs (Richard Lu) – Yves Missi, C, Baylor

36.  Indiana Pacers (Richard Lu) – Isaiah Crawford, F, Louisiana Tech

37.  Minnesota Timberwolves (Alan Lu) – Carlton Carrington, G, Pittsburgh

38.  New York Knicks (Alan Lu) – Bobi Klintman, F-C, Cairns (Sweden)

39.   Memphis Grizzlies (Alan Lu) – Jalen Bridges, F, Baylor

40.  Portland Trail Blazers (Alan Lu) – Pacome Dadiet, F, Ratiopharm Ulm (France)

41.  Philadelphia 76ers (Alan Lu) – Ulrich Chomche, C, NBA Academy Africa (Cameroon)

42.  Charlotte Hornets (Alan Lu) – Cam Spencer, G, Connecticut

43.   Miami Heat (Richard Lu) – Kyshawn George, F, Miami

44.  Houston Rockets (Alan Lu) – AJ Johnson, G, Illawarra (USA – Fresno, CA)

45.   Sacramento Kings (Richard Lu) – Oso Ighodaro, F-C, Marquette

46.  Los Angeles Clippers (Alan Lu) – Trentyn Flowers, F, Adelaide (USA – Baltimore, MD)

47.  Orlando Magic (Richard Lu) – Jamal Shead, G, Houston

48.  San Antonio Spurs (Richard Lu) – Cameron Christie, G-F, Minnesota

49.  Indiana Pacers (Richard Lu) – Enrique Freeman, F, Akron

50.  Indiana Pacers (Richard Lu) – Jaylen Wells, F, Washington State

51.  Washington Wizards (Richard Lu) – Jaylon Tyson, G-F, California

52.  Golden State Warriors (Alan Lu) – Dillon Jones, G-F, Weber State

53.  Detroit Pistons (Richard Lu) – Pelle Larsson, G-F, Arizona

54.   Boston Celtics (Richard Lu) – Antonio Reeves, G, Kentucky

55.  Los Angeles Lakers (Alan Lu) – Johnny Furphy, F, Kansas

56.  Denver Nuggets (Alan Lu) – Keshad Johnson, F, Arizona

57.  Memphis Grizzlies (Alan Lu) – KJ Simpson, G, Colorado

58.  Dallas Mavericks (Alan Lu) – Melvin Ajinca, G-F, Saint-Quentin Basketball (France)

That pretty much wraps up our 2024 NBA Scouting Live’s mock draft. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and the actual 2024 NBA Draft will be held on June 26 and 27. Thanks for reading.

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