Viny Okouo

Page updated as of 4/12/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu.
2019 rankings were finalized on 6/19/2019.

Height: 7-1

Weight: 240

Country: Congo

Professional Team: Unicaja Malaga

Classification: International ’97

Birthdate: 4/10/1997

Projected Draft Range: Likely Undrafted


Active finisher around the basket

Excels at scoring on the move

Solid rebounder

Adequate defensive player

Good shot blocker

Good athleteGreat size to play center

Has played in some of the toughest professional leagues


Needs to improve his face-up game

Needs to improve his low post game

Bad free throw shooter

Needs to improve his playmaking skills

May be quite raw offensively

Can be quite foul prone

Has not seen much playing time in the top professional leagues


Viny Okouo is a very tall center prospect that may project to be a rim protector at the next level.  He will need to improve his offense significantly, but his draft stock at the moment suggests that if he were to declare, perhaps an NBA team would take a chance on him as a draft and stash candidate in the second round in 2019.


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Unicaja Baloncesto’s Article on Okouo Withdrawing

Games Scouted:

10/31/15 Clinicas Rincon Malaga vs. Xuven Cambados

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