Tyrese Haliburton

Updated as of 11/21/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu.
2020 rankings were finalized on 11/17/20.

Height: 6-5
Weight: 170
College: Iowa State
Classification: Sophomore
Birthdate: 2/29/2000

2020 Top 100 Prospect Rank: 4
Projected Draft Range: Lottery
2020 NBA Draft: Round 1, Pick 12 by the Sacramento Kings


Decent scorer off the dribble
Decent shooter
Very good playmaker
Good rebounder for his size
Solid defender that can get steals
Good athlete
Smart player that has a good feel for the game
Versatile player that can play either backcourt position


Streaky shooter
Mechanics may make it difficult to shoot from long distance
Has a slow release
Lacks an elite first step off the dribble
Unselfish to a fault
Can be too passive on offense
Can gamble too much defensively


Tyrese Haliburton is a tall, pass-first guard that can shoot and facilitate for teams on offense.  Haliburton is a very good facilitator that has strong court vision that allows him to rack up assists.  He also is a solid defender, as he has the ability to guard either backcourt position.  He also can score the basketball in a variety of ways, and he will tend to take smart shots in games.

On the other hand, Haliburton sometimes does not shoot the basketball enough.  When he finds the right balance between shooting and passing, it allows him to elevate his game to a whole another level.

Haliburton had a strong sophomore season, and while the prevailing thought is that he is a good prospect that might not have as high of a ceiling as the others at the top, he is a very skilled player that likely projects to be a good, complementary role player in the association.  Haliburton is a solid all-around player whose skill set and high basketball IQ could allow him to thrive in the NBA, and he may be one of the safest bets to succeed amongst players entering the 2020 draft.


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Games Scouted:

7/2/19 USA vs. Senegal
11/27/19 Iowa State vs. Michigan
12/12/19 Iowa State vs. Iowa
1/8/20 Iowa State vs. Kansas
1/21/20 Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State
1/29/20 Iowa State vs. Baylor
2/5/20 Iowa State vs. West Virginia

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