Top 2024 Free Agents in the NBA Offseason

June 30th, 2024

by Alan Lu

There’s less than an hour before free agency starts as it will begin today at 6 PM EST, but here are the top names that NBA teams will covet in the offseason. While I haven’t had much time to craft this article, here is who I rated as the top free agents available in the 2024 NBA offseason.

I went to SalarySwish to look up contract information, Basketball-Reference to look up their statistics, and to CBS Sports for further free agency information to see who has recently signed. If I had more time before free agency would start, this article would be more detailed, but for now, here are my NBA free agent rankings amongst those that haven’t signed yet to start the 2024 NBA free agency.

Paul George and LeBron James are two of the best free agents that are currently available in the 2024 NBA offseason, and they will get a massive payday from the next NBA teams they choose to sign with this summer. (Photo: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

Top 2024 NBA Free Agents

  1. Paul George, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  2. LeBron James, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  3. Tyrese Maxey, Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
  4. James Harden, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  5. DeMar DeRozan, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  6. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  7. Isaiah Hartenstein, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  8. Jonas Valanciunas, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  9. Isaac Okoro, Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
  10. Jalen Smith, Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
  11. Klay Thompson, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  12. Derrick Jones Jr., Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  13. Kyle Anderson, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  14. Tobias Harris, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  15. Naji Marshall, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  16. Luke Kornet, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  17. Kevin Love, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  18. Kyle Lowry, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  19. Bol Bol, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  20. Isaiah Joe, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  21. Caleb Martin, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  22. Mason Plumlee, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  23. Luke Kennard, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  24. Monte Morris, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)
  25. Malik Beasley, Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)

In case if you’re wondering why George over James, the latter whom is such a great all-time player, well, James will probably likely re-sign with the Lakers, and other NBA teams have a legitimate chance of signing George, and James is close to 40 years old, so George might be able to sustain his success for a longer period of his next contract, because he is five years younger. But if it were an all-time rankings list, then of course LeBron James would be on top of this list, and likewise, Klay Thompson would rank much higher on this list if it were an all-time list. I identified five stars that are currently in this group amongst the 2024 free agents, that being Paul George, LeBron James, Tyrese Maxey, James Harden, and DeMar DeRozan. There are also solid players elsewhere outside of this list, and some of them could end up getting a sizable payday.

Also, I didn’t list others such as Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin, Patrick Williams, Pascal Siakam, or OG Anunoby, because they have already re-signed, so this list is among players that still haven’t re-signed as of right now.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see how the 2024 NBA free agency will go down. It will be a fun and exciting offseason, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading.

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