Thoughts on the 2019 Reese’s College All-Star Game

April 5, 2019

by Alan Lu

I decided to take the time to watch the 2019 Reese’s College All-Star Game that was played on April 5th.  In this contest, Ahmad Caver and Chris Clemons were named co-MVPs of this match.  In my opinion, Chris Clemons looked to have been the definitive standout performer there, while Ahmad Caver had a solid all-around game to help the East get the victory.   Also, I was not able to catch the first half, but I managed to see the entirety of the second half, so I will try to keep this concise.   For those who are interested in finding the statistics of this game, here is the link.  Here are my thoughts on how various prospects fared on this day.

Campbell’s 5-9 senior point guard, Chris Clemons had a terrific showing, as he scored 25 points in this game.  He is a very good athlete that can score the basketball in a variety of ways, and he can also finish plays above the rim.  He did a very good job of scoring on half-court drives as well as in transition, and he also would use step backs and crossover moves to knock down jumpers.  Clemons has a very good first step off the dribble, and he also was able to score on a couple of emphatic jams around the basket.  Plus, he also managed to score on a put back.  He was streaky with his three-point shot, but Clemons showed a strong ability to get scores quickly off the dribble. 

Clemons was more of a score-first player, so he didn’t seem to pass too often, but he can throw a variety of passes to set up scoring chances for his teammates.  He did get intercepted on one pass, which led him to commit a turnover.  He also played solid defense, and he was able to swat a shot to prevent an opponent from scoring on a mid-range jumper once.  Overall, Chris Clemons is a speedy, athletic playmaker that can really score the basketball, and he was the most exciting player to watch at this event.  He has a game that may be reminiscent to former New York Knicks’ point guard Nate Robinson, and Clemons may have the skills to end up being a solid role player in the NBA.

Old Dominion’s 6-2 point guard, Ahmad Caver also played very well in this game, as he was named a co-MVP along with Clemons at this event.  He showed the ability to get scores in a variety of ways, as he can knock down spot-up threes, as well as floaters off the dribble.   He also passed the ball well, as he would throw a wealth of accurate passes to set up scores for his teammates.  Caver can throw lobs to roll men as well as find teammates on the break, and he will also get shooters the basketball.  Plus, he also can deflect passes and poke balls away to make things difficult for his opponents to operate on offense. 

Overall, Caver is a smart, game manager that can efficiently run a team at the point, and he may have a game that may be perhaps similar to Philadelphia 76ers’ point guard, T.J. McConnell.  Right now, Caver may be a borderline second round candidate for the upcoming draft.  Though he may not possess elite physical tools, his ability to make sound decisions at the point could help him make an NBA team’s roster at the next level.

Nebraska’s 6-6 senior swingman, James Palmer Jr. also played well in this game.  He excelled at attacking the basket to garner scores off of drives and in transition, and he also can knock down mid-range jumpers.  He can draw plenty of fouls upon his defenders due to possessing good athleticism and ball handling skills, and he did a great job of making shots at the foul line.  Overall, Palmer did a good job of scoring the basketball, and he could potentially end up being a second round pick in the upcoming draft.

Temple’s 6-4 senior guard, Shizz Alston Jr. shot the ball well, as he did a very good job of knocking a slew of three-point shots to space the floor for his team on offense, and he was able to make some from well beyond the arc.  He is an agile combo guard that can really shoot the basketball, and he may have the skills to end up being a solid role player in the NBA.

Cornell’s 6-2 senior guard, Matt Morgan put forth a solid performance at this event.  He excelled as a shooter and scorer when he was on the floor, and he showed a knack for making three-point shots, as well as drives in transition.  He’s an athletic player that can score in a variety of ways.  He also played solid defense, as he was able to jump a pass to get a steal.  Overall, Morgan played well in this game, and he could be a potential second round pick in the upcoming draft.

UNC Wilmington’s senior forward, Devontae Cacok also played well in this game.  He managed to score often on hustle plays, as he would score on a slew of dunks, and he would often score in transition.  He is an athletic rim runner that can often beat his man down the court, and he can finish numerous plays above the rim.  He also did a good job of grabbing rebounds to help his team clean the glass.  Cacok is an energetic big man that can get points and rebounds in the paint.  While he may be undersized to play inside, he is a high motor player that could help an NBA team off the bench, as he could be a similar player to that of JaMychal Green in the association.

Other Notes:

Houston’s senior guard, Corey Davis Jr. did a good job of knocking down quick, spot-up threes from beyond the arc.  He excelled at knocking down shots from long-range, and he could end up being a shooting specialist in the NBA.

Georgetown’s 6-10 senior center, Jessie Govan is an intriguing prospect, as he was able to make some solid plays even though he had a fairly mediocre showing overall.  He was able to make a floater off the dribble while getting an extra free throw on one play, as he handles the ball well for a big man.  He also showed the willingness to take threes, and he was able to make a couple from beyond the arc.  He did occasionally commit fouls on the defensive end and he also did not grab many rebounds in this game, however.  Still, Govan is a skilled big man that looks to have an adequate face-up game, and his ability to score from anywhere on the court could potentially help him find a roster spot in the NBA.

Wofford’s 6-8 senior forward, Cameron Jackson is an athletic big man that can score in the post, as well as off of hustle plays, and he also rebounded the ball very well.  He played the game with great energy, and he could be a likely candidate to end up at the Portsmouth Invitational this year.

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