Thoughts on Roko Prkacin in a Preseason Game

April 28th, 2024

By Alan Lu

Three years ago, 6-9 Croatian forward Roko Prkacin was once considered to be a first round prospect, and he had briefly entered the 2021 draft before later withdrawing.  Since then, he’s bounced around various professional basketball teams overseas, but he’s seen his draft stock slide considerably to the point where now he’s no longer considered to be a lock to be drafted.  He played in the Spanish ACB League this season, but he’s no longer taken as many threes as he once did years earlier, nor gotten much playing time this season.

Still, I wanted to get a sense of what his game is like right now, so I decided to watch him play in a September 2nd, 2023 preseason game between Gran Canaria and Valencia Basket, with thanks to YouTube via Bàsquet Menorca.  Here are my thoughts on how Prkacin fared in that game, as well as where he may stack up as a prospect for the NBA.

Roko Prkacin is a 6-9 Croatian forward that plays for Gran Canaria, and he is a second round prospect for the 2024 draft. (Photo: S. Gerones/ACB, via La Provincia)

Roko Prkacin had a decent showing in this game for Gran Canaria. He showed a solid ability to finish plays around the basket.  He was able to move to an open spot around the basket to get the ball, which enabled him to score on a backwards flip layup.  He also was able to score on a backdoor cut another time. He also attempted to score on a baseline drive early on, but he ended up getting his shot blocked out of bounds.  Also, he attempted a wide-open corner three, but he was unable to make his lone three-point attempt from beyond the arc.

Prkacin also was able to make a drive and kick pass, and although it was deflected by an opponent, it had the good fortune of going right to an open teammate to set up a scoring chance for him.  He generally did a good job of passing and handling the basketball, and he also would sometimes set screens for his teammates.

He also was able to get a few boards in this game, as he would sometimes hit the glass.  He was able to box out and leap up to get one defensive rebound due to making a good, solid fundamental board that time, and he also leapt up to get two other rebounds in this game.

He also defended well.  Prkacin was able to intercept an errant bounce pass that was thrown right to him to get a steal, and he also would jump on deflected passes to help his team get other turnovers.  He would apply solid pressure to make things difficult for opponents to get their passes through, and he was able to rotate to contest a shot in the paint to force a miss.  On one play though, he was caught ball watching and took a bad angle to defend an opponent on a cut and allowed a dunk.  Another time, he rotated to double in the high post, but it led to a scramble situation and to his team to allow the score that time.  He also got outmuscled when defending in the post another time, leading his team to commit the foul that time.

Overall, Roko Prkacin had a decent showing in his team’s preseason game against Valencia Basket.  He is a high motor combo forward that can make hustle plays.  He’ll need to improve his outside shot, shot creation skills, and get more playing time in games.  Currently, he is a borderline second round candidate for the 2024 draft, and if he improves his jump shot, he could end up being a rotational forward similar to Brooklyn Nets’ forward, Trendon Watford in the NBA.

All in all, those are my thoughts on how Roko Prkacin fared in this game.  Thanks for reading.

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