Thoughts on Isaiah Collier and Kobe Johnson in the USC-Kansas State Game

November 30th, 2023

By Alan Lu

I was able to catch some of the USC-Kansas State game after having gone to the theaters to watch Dazed and Confused at the Alamo Drafthouse in a game that was played on November 6th. Isaiah Collier he is a very athletic point guard that could potentially be the first overall pick in the 2024 draft, so I decided to watch him play against Kansas State in the season opener. Here are my thoughts on how he fared.

Isaiah Collier had a great first game of the season in USC’s win over Kansas State. Collier could be a star player in the making, and he could be a top 5 pick in the 2024 draft.
(Photo: Jordan Renville/Daily Trojan)

Isaiah Collier played really well to help get his team a double-digit victory over Kansas State. He did a great job of scoring and making passes off the dribble, and he is an aggressive playmaker that can consistently get to the rim to make plays on offense. He also showed that he can make long passes to find teammates in stride, and he is an active defender that will poke balls away to get steals.
While he did struggle with his three-point shot, he was able to make a nifty stepback three in the middle of this game. However, he had trouble making threes consistently, and sometimes he would tend to take contested outside shots. He also would sometimes try to make fancy passes too often, which would lead to some turnovers.

Overall though, Collier was great in this game, and he looks to be a surefire top 5 pick based on what I saw in this game, and he is a solid contender to be the top pick for the 2024 draft. He is a strong, very athletic guard that can play either backcourt position, and he has great size, athleticism, and a very good set of offensive skills that could enable him to be a star in the NBA. He’ll need to improve his outside shot, but he could develop into a prototypical guard that could really excel in the association one day.

USC’s 6-6 junior guard, Kobe Johnson also played well to help his team get a win over Kansas State. He shot the ball very well, and he played excellent defense. He is a skilled, mobile swingman that excelled at making threes and he would hustle to block shots to help his team protect the paint. He is an athletic player that could project into a 3 and D role in the NBA, and he could end up going in the late first to the second round range for the 2024 draft.

All in all, those are my thoughts on how Collier and Johnson fared in this game. Thanks for reading.

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