The 2023-24 New York Knicks’ Season Preview

September 24th, 2023

by Alan Lu

The New York Knicks had a solid season last year. Last season, they made a splash in free agency to sign and add Jalen Brunson to their roster, a star point guard that made them a playoff team once again, and they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round, but fell short against Miami in the second round. This season, they will look to build on that to move further in the playoffs in 2024.

Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle teamed up to get the New York Knicks to the second round of the playoffs last year, and they are hoping to make an even deeper playoff run this season.
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Star Players:

G Jalen Brunson and F Julius Randle

Jalen Brunson is a very skilled playmaker that played really well in the playoffs last season. The Knicks made a gamble to sign him to a lucrative contract, and it paid off, as it helped them advance further than expected, and they were able to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first round series.

Julius Randle is an All-Star forward that has provided the Knicks consistent scoring and versatility over the years, and he also is an underrated playmaker that can rack up assists on the court.


G-F Donte DiVincenzo, C Nathan Knight, F Dylan Windler, and G-F Jaylen Martin

The Knicks added quite a few players to their roster, but the most notable addition is former Bucks and Warriors’ swingman, Donte DiVincenzo, whose versatility and offensive skills should give the Knicks a bit of a boost off the bench.


F Obi Toppin and G Derrick Rose

The Knicks lost a couple of players in the offseason that have played integral roles for them in the past. Rose is a former MVP, but the former All-Star point guard fell out of favor with Thibodeau last season and didn’t get many minutes last year, and his numbers had dropped, so his loss may not negatively impact the Knicks that much. However, Toppin was a solid role player, as he is an athletic big man that can stretch and defend, so there may be a void that the Knicks will have to fill for the upcoming season.


G-F Jaylen Martin

Martin is a strong, mobile swingman that played in the Overtime Elite league last season. He signed a two-way contract with the Knicks, and he could project into a 3 and D role for them in the future.

Expected Rotation:

RJ Barrett is an athletic, skilled wing that can score and defend, and he is a very underrated defender in the NBA.
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They have a fairly talented unit that was bolstered significantly with the addition of Jalen Brunson. He helped them have a rebound year, as they made the playoffs in 2023 and defeated the Cavaliers in their first round series. But even though they are talented, they might not have enough firepower to keep up with the top teams in the East.

Projected Starting Lineup:

C Mitchell Robinson

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

F Julius Randle

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

F RJ Barrett

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

G Quentin Grimes

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

G Jalen Brunson

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

Key Bench Players:

Immanuel Quickley and Josh Hart have played key roles to help the Knicks make the playoffs in 2023, and they will likely help them get back there in 2024.
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The Knicks have some solid contributors, and have some depth that can help them navigate the long season. Quickley was runner-up for Sixth Man of the Year, and they have a couple of solid role players. They also added DiVincenzo, and they have a group of players that can make some solid contributions, so their second unit should be formidable this year.

G Immanuel Quickley

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

G-F Josh Hart

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

G-F Donte DiVincenzo

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

C Isaiah Hartenstein

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

F-C Jericho Sims

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

The Rest of the Roster:

F Isaiah Roby

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

C Nathan Knight (Two-Way)

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

G Miles McBride

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

G-F Evan Fournier


G-F DaQuan Jeffries

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

F Dylan Windler (Two-Way)

Projected 2023-24 Rating:

G-F Jaylen Martin (Two-Way)

Projected 2023-24 Rating

Others in Camp:

F Jacob Toppin (Exhibit 10)

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

G De’Vion Harmon (Exhibit 10)

Projected 2023-24 Rating:
Potential Rating:

Head Coach:

Tom Thibodeau was able to help the Knicks get to the playoffs last season, and they were able to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first round series before losing to Miami in their second round series.
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Tom Thibodeau
2022-23 (NYK): 47-35, 6-5 in the playoffs
Coaching Career: 477-357, 31-41 in the NBA Playoffs

Thibodeau is a solid coach that can get the most out of a roster that plays his preferred style, but it remains to be seen if he can adjust to higher level opponents and make the proper adjustments to go deeper in teh playoffs.

Projected 2023-24 Coach Rating:


The New York Knicks got a big boost from Jalen Brunson last season, but the question is if they have enough to make a deep playoff run in 2024.
(Photo: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The New York Knicks have a solid team that will probably make the playoffs, but they might not have enough to go deep.

Projected 2023-24 Finish:
Projected Regular Season Finish: 6th in the Eastern Conference
Expected Playoff Finish: Projected to lose in the 1st Round
2023-24 Preseason NBA Power Ranking: 10

I went to Basketball-Reference and No-Trade Clause to look up some information for this write-up. It will be an exciting basketball season this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing the in-season tournament to see how that will unfold. Anyways, that is my write-up on my preview of the 2023-24 New York Knicks. Thanks for reading.

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