The 2018-19 NBA Preview Almanac is Published

September 17, 2018

by Alan Lu

Today, our friend, author, and basketball analyst Richard Lu posted his new book on Amazon, The 2018-19 NBA Preview Almanac.  It previews the NBA season using analytical forecasting methods that are backed by years of intensive research.  You can find projections and scouting reports on just about every player, and it is a thoroughly comprehensive guide that delves on what to expect for all 30 NBA teams this season.  

Richard Lu's book on Amazon: The 2018-19 NBA Preview Almanac.
The 2018-19 NBA Preview Almanac

Also, we would like to give a big thanks to Hayley Faye of fayefayedesigns on for the cover designs, and to Josh Springer of The Candid Crow for additional photos.  For additional reference, you can find Richard Lu’s previous books on Amazon through his author page.  Thank you for reading.

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