Scottie Lewis

Updated as of 4/15/2021, scouting report written by Alan Lu.

Height: 6-5
Weight: 189
College: Florida
Classification: Sophomore
Birthdate: 3/12/2000

2021 Top 100 Prospect Rank: 53
Projected Draft Range: 2nd Round to Undrafted


Decent scorer off the dribble
Excels at scoring on off-ball motion plays
Decent playmaker
Good defender
Adept at collecting steals and blocks
Gifted athlete
Solid motor


Needs to improve his shooting
Reluctant to take outside shots
Struggles to score in traffic
Can tend to force the issue too much on offense
Can be too passive on offense
Needs to improve his rebounding
Can be undisciplined defensively


Scottie Lewis is a very athletic combo guard that can score and defend when he is on the floor. He is an athletic slasher that can quickly get to the basket, and he is a feisty defender that will apply heavy ball pressure to get steals and stops for his team.

He will need to improve his jump shot and cut down on the number of turnovers he commits on offense, and he really just didn’t take enough shots on offense this season.  Lewis will need to be much more assertive on offense, and he might never be the scorer that he was hyped up to be coming into college. He’ll need to significantly improve his offensive skills, but his strong defensive skills and great athleticism could enable him to be a second round pick in the 2021 draft.


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Games Scouted:
3/27/19 2019 McDonald’s All-American Game
11/10/19 Florida vs. Florida State
11/24/19 Florida vs. Xavier
1/27/21 Florida vs. Vanderbilt

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