Planning The 2024 NBA Draft For The Charlotte Hornets

June 13th, 2024

by Alan Lu

The Charlotte Hornets have the sixth overall pick, and while they have one-time All-Star LaMelo Ball, a who is a very talented playmaker with ethereal court vision, Ball has been hurt a lot recently, and his teams have never made it out of the play-in tournament. Brandon Miller had a solid rookie season as he made the All-Rookie First Team, and he’s a tall, athletic sharpshooter that looks to be a rising star in this league.

Brandon Miller and LaMelo Ball are two of Charlotte Hornets’ best players on the team, along with Mark Williams, and the Hornets are hoping that new head coach Charles Lee can get their team to the playoffs next year. (Photo: Jim Dedmon/USA Today Sports, via Sports Illustrated)

In addition, they have other promising young players such as athletic center Mark Williams, who has shown promising rim protection skills. Plus, they also have some veterans that can provide some stability such as Tre Mann, Grant Williams, and Vasilije Micic. While they will still need to upgrade their talent significantly, the Hornets do have some players to work with.

Anyways, here is what I did for the Hornets in the ESPN’s NBA Mock Draft Simulator.

A mock draft board for the Charlotte Hornets.   Image courtesy of Fanspo.
A mock draft board for the Charlotte Hornets. Image courtesy of ESPN Analytics.

There are plenty of solid options for the Hornets to choose at 6, but Matas Buzelis is a versatile, skilled combo forward that could be both a dynamic offensive player and has the physical tools to be solid defensively, and he would give LaMelo Ball a lob threat and another potent scorer to play off of. Of course, if they were to not want Buzelis there, there are other good players they could have at that spot.

And at 42, while there were other very solid candidates, Justin Edwards is a very athletic swingman that projects well into a 3 and D role, and may have the upside to develop into a very versatile player in this league.

That is who I picked in this iteration of the ESPN’s NBA Mock Draft Simulator for the Charlotte Hornets. Thanks for reading.

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