Nahziah Carter

Updated as of 12/5/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu.

Height: 6-6
Weight: 205
Country: USA (Rochester, NY)
Professional Team: Melbourne United
Classification: Non-College Draft Prospect
Birthdate: 8/24/1999

Projected Draft Range: 2nd Round to Undrafted


Decent shooter
Excels at scoring on off-ball motion plays
Adequate scorer off the dribble
Decent defensive player
Decent shot blocker for his size
Solid athlete
Solid motor


Streaky shooter
Struggles to consistently create his own shot off the dribble
Can be prone to hoisting up questionable shots
Below average free throw shooter
Needs to improve his playmaking skills
Can be undisciplined defensively
Plays in a zone heavy defensive scheme
Potential character risk, left school due to off-court troubles


Nahziah Carter is a very athletic swingman that can shoot and score the basketball.  He is Jay-Z’s nephew, and he also had a fairly solid junior season.  After playing three seasons at Washington, Carter will reportedly sign with the Melbourne United in the NBL.

He will need to improve his passing and ball handling, and also show that he can consistently guard opponents in a man-to-man scheme.  Recently, he left Washington after his suspension was upheld following the off-court troubles he was facing.  Right now, Carter may be a borderline second round candidate that in a favorable scenario could end up being an effective role player at the next level.


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Games Scouted:
11/8/19 Washington vs. Baylor
11/16/19 Washington vs. Tennessee
12/8/19 Washington vs. Gonzaga
1/5/20 Washington vs. USC
1/30/20 Washington vs. Arizona

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