Jonathan Jeanne

Page updated as of 4/8/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu.
2017 rankings were finalized on 6/22/2017.

Height: 7-2
Weight: 205
Country: France
Professional Team: SLUC Nancy Basket
Classification: International ’97
Birthdate: 7/3/1997

2017 Top 100 Prospect Rank: 64

Projected Draft Range: 2nd Round to Undrafted


Excels at scoring on the move

Adequate shooter, has stretch big potential

Good playmaker

Gifted rebounder

Adequate defensive player

Very good shot blocker

Great athlete

Excellent size to play inside

Rock solid motor​


Struggles to score in traffic

Bad free throw shooter

Needs to expand upon his low post moves

Can be turnover prone

Can be out of position and undisciplined defensively

Must get a lot stronger

Has not seen much playing time in the top professional leagues

Was diagnosed with a career-threatening disorder, Marfan’s syndrome​


Jonathan Jeanne is a very athletic big man that possesses a solid physical profile.  He is a high energy player that can often score on hustle plays, and he also is a terrific rebounder that can get blocks and steals for his team.  Plus, he has been improving his skill set on offense, as he could potentially develop into being a stretch big in the NBA.

​However, he may still need to refine his skills and overall game, as he may struggle to consistently create his own shot at the next level, and he can tend to be out of position quite a bit on defense.​Jeanne had played very well at the 2017 NBA Draft Combine, but afterwards, he then suffered a significant setback as it was revealed that he has Marfan’s syndrome, which could scare teams as he may likely pose as a health risk when he is on out on the floor.

It is the same condition that former potential first round prospect Isaiah Austin was diagnosed with, and it has caused Jeanne’s stock to drop considerably.  As where before, he was rated as a likely late first round pick with a chance to be selected in the mid first round.​But right now, if he gets drafted, he could end up being a second round draft and stash pick this year.  He’s a very talented player, but his health concerns may cause him to slide considerably on draft day.​



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Games Scouted:

7/29/15 France vs. Germany

7/31/15 France vs. Greece

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