Johnathan Motley

Page updated as of 4/8/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu. 2017 rankings were finalized on 6/22/2017.

Height: 6-9

Weight: 230

College: Baylor

Classification: Junior

Birthdate: 5/4/1995


2017 Top 100 Prospect Rank: 45

Projected Draft Range: 2nd Round


Active finisher around the basket

Excels at scoring on the move

Good low post scorer

Decent scorer off the dribble

Has stretch big potential

Adequate playmaker

Good rebounder

Adequate defensive player

Adequate shot blocker

Great athlete

Has long arms


Can miss shots wildly around the basket

Needs to improve his shooting

Does not always roll hard to the hoop

Can be a bit turnover prone

Can have lapses defensively

Plays in a zone defensive scheme

Can be foul prone

Can be too inconsistent in games

Recent knee injury could cause his stock to drop


Johnathan Motley is an athletic big man that has been the best player on one of the top teams in college basketball, and he could be a potential first round pick in 2017.​

He is a gifted athlete that can defend opponents out on the perimeter as well as in the post, and he is a good shot blocker that can swat shots to protect the paint for his team.  However, he also plays in a zone defense, so it may be tough to gauge his man defense for the next level.

Offensively, he is a work in progress, but he does flash some potential.  He can get plenty of scores on the move, as Motley will move off the ball to score on hustle plays.

Also, he is an agile ball handling big man that can score in the post or off the dribble, and he can face up to knock down jump shots.  However, he is not consistent at scoring on those types of plays.  His shooting percentages left a lot to be desired last year, but this time around, he had a solid junior season.

Motley will need to be a more consistent player, but if he can do this, Motley may be able to find a way to elevate his draft stock into the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft.



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YouTube Video via alex_sport 1 of a 12-3-16 Game vs. Xavier

Games Scouted:

2/1/17 Baylor vs. Kansas

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