Ivan Tkachenko

Height: 6-5

Weight: 187

Country: Ukraine

Professional Team: SK Cherkasy

Classification: International ’97

Birthdate: 4/23/1997


Projected Draft Range: Likely Undrafted



Excels at scoring on off-ball motion plays

Moves fairly well off the ball on offense

Decent playmaker for his size

Above average rebounder

Fairly good defender that can get blocks and steals

Better athlete than advertised

Good motor


Needs to improve his shooting

Does not draw enough free throws

Can be a bit turnover prone

Can be a bit foul prone

Not an elite athlete

Late bloomer

Can be too inconsistent in games

Virtual unknown


Ivan Tkachenko is an athletic, high motor swingman that could project to be an energetic defensive specialist if he makes it to the NBA level.  He does a good job of scoring on hustle plays as he will get buckets off of cuts and in transition, and he also is a very active help defender that can make numerous plays for his team.

He will need to improve his jump shot and show that he can consistently play well with more minutes this year, if so he could perhaps end up being a late second round pick in 2019.


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YouTube link via Федерація баскетболу України of a 9/20/18 game between SK Cherkasy and Kongsberg

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