Assessing David Jones, Ryan Dunn, and Jahvon Quinerly

December 19th, 2023

By Alan Lu

Today, I took the time to watch Memphis play against Virginia in a highly competitive, non-conference game.  I wanted to get an extended look at Virginia’s sophomore Ryan Dunn, whose defensive prowess has garnered him early draft buzz as a potential lottery candidate for the 2024 draft, but his questionable offensive skills may make him quite the divisive prospect.  It was also an opportunity to watch other players as well.  Memphis ended up cruising to a blowout win over Virginia, and they received strong performances from David Jones and Jahvon Quinerly.  Here are my thoughts on how they and Ryan Dunn fared in this game.

Memphis’ 6-6 swingman, David Jones scored 26 points, made 2 threes, and had 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block to lead his team to a win over Virginia. (Photo: Brandon Dill/Associated Press)

Memphis’ 6-6 senior, David Jones had a strong showing in his team’s double-digit win over Virginia.  He is an athletic, energetic swingman that showed off a variety of skills, and he turned in a strong all-around game to help his team get the victory.

Jones excelled at scoring off the dribble as well as out of the post.  He would score on strong drives to the hoop, and he was able to finish some plays in traffic.  He also showed solid strength, shooting touch, and body control to score out of the post.  He also was able to draw free throws on a couple of aggressive drives to the hoop.  Sometimes though, he would try to force the issue too much, which would occasionally lead to misses.

He also shot the ball well.  He was able to make threes both off the catch and dribble, and he also was able to make a smooth, step-back three early on.  He also was able to utilize a pump fake to score on a mid-range jumper.  He did miss on a couple of dribble, mid-range jumpers, but Jones shot the ball well, especially from beyond the arc.

He also showcased satisfactory playmaking skills.  Jones did a good job of passing the basketball, and he was able to make passes off the dribble and throw long, accurate passes to set up scoring chances for his teammates.  On the downside, he would sometimes over-dribble, which would lead him a bit prone to turning the ball over.

Also, Jones was able to get his fair share of boards in this game.  He also played satisfactory defense.  Jones would get his hands on passes to help his team get steals and deflections.  On one play though, he bit on a pump fake when defending a drive, which led his team to give up the basket.

In general, David Jones put forth a fantastic performance to lead his team to a sterling win over Virginia.  He turned in a very good all-around game against a talented Virginia team, and he is a skilled, versatile swingman that could end up being a very good find for an NBA team at the next level.

Ryan Dunn did have a double-double, as he had 11 points and 11 rebounds, and he also had 2 steals and 2 blocks to go along with that effort, but he shot just 5 of 14 from the field, did not make any threes or record any assists, and his team lost by 23 to Memphis in this game. (Photo: Brandon Dill/Associated Press, via Idaho Press)

Virginia’s sophomore forward, Ryan Dunn had his ups and downs in his team’s blowout loss to Memphis.  He is an athletic, energetic player that showed off solid defensive skills, and he is a rangy forward that can subtly make plays on the defensive end.  He also showed a solid ability to score on the move, as he excelled at doing so on movement plays.  However, he generally was not very good at operating in a half-court scheme, and he really struggled to make outside shots or to score off the dribble, which could be significant concerns for him at the next level.

On offense, Dunn was at his best when looking to score on hustle plays.  He would run the floor to score and get free throws on fast breaks.  He also would cut to the hoop and slip past defenders to score at the rim.  He also was able to score on a tip-in, but sometimes he would miss off of cuts or other tip-ins due to rushing, and he didn’t always stay balanced when trying to finish plays around the basket.

He also struggled to score off the dribble or out of the post, and Dunn didn’t show good shooting touch when operating in those situations.  He also didn’t shoot well from the outside, and he airballed a corner three despite being wide open to get the basketball.  In the future, he will have to be a much better outside shooter off the catch, especially at the NBA level.

As a playmaker, he looked to be fairly average.  Dunn was able to throw a skip pass to find an open shooter, and he can operate as a secondary facilitator by looking to make the extra pass.  However, he would rarely look to dribble the basketball, and he’s not much of a shot creator by any means.  He also threw a hasty entry pass that got intercepted another time.

Also, Dunn did a great job of rebounding the basketball.  He was quite active at crashing the glass, and he was able to get a plethora of boards on both ends of the floor.   He also played satisfactory defense in this game.  Dunn is rangier than he looks, and he was able to get plenty of blocks and steals for his team.  He would rotate to block numerous shots off of drives, and he would sometimes swat them to his teammates.  He also would get his hands on passes and poke balls away to get steals and deflections for his team.  Dunn showed that he can cover plenty of ground defensively, and he also would actively contest shots to force misses, especially when defending opponents in the paint.  On the downside, he would tend to bite on pump fakes when defending off the dribble, which would lead him to allow scores. Sometimes he would play too aggressively, which would lead him to commit fouls when defending opponents off the dribble.

Overall, Ryan Dunn is an athletic, energetic forward that will likely provide value on the defensive end at the NBA level, but he will need to be a much more skilled offensive player, especially in the half court.  He will especially have to improve his jump shot, but his strong defensive skills and plus-level length and athleticism could enable him to end up being a first round pick in the 2024 draft.

Jahvon Quinerly quietly had a solid showing to help lead Memphis to a win over Virginia.  He is an agile, skilled point guard that consistently made good decisions throughout the night. Quinerly shot the ball very well, especially from beyond the arc.  He was able to make deep threes, and he also was able to make a smooth, step-back three early on.  He also excelled as a facilitator, and he showed the knack to find teammates on the move, and he also split a double team when driving to the hoop to make a drive and kick pass another time.  He did a good job of running the point out there, and he was very effective as a game-managing point guard on the court.

He also helped out on the boards and was able to grab a handful of defensive rebounds.  He also played fairly solid defense.  He was able to tie up an opposing ball handler to nearly get a steal.  However, another time, he was called for committing a reach-in foul on a mid-range shot off the dribble, although his opponent seemed to jump into him in order to get the foul call.

Overall, Quinerly played well in this game, and he is a solid, productive player that has consistently excelled at the collegiate level.  He may not have ideal size or elite physical tools, but he is a smart, cerebral playmaker that can shoot, make plays on both ends of the floor, and reliably run the team, and he could end up being a solid role player in the NBA.

Jacob Groves played very well for Virginia in his team’s loss to Memphis.  He especially shined as a sharpshooter in the first half of this game. He showed a knack for making corner threes, and he shot the ball very well from the outside.  He also excelled at scoring off of cuts, and he also managed to score on a nifty, fadeaway mid-range jumper out of the high post.  Overall, he is an agile, skilled sharpshooting forward that can score the basketball in a variety of ways, and while he will need to show NBA teams that he can capably defend upper echelon opponents at higher levels, Groves’ shooting prowess could enable him to make it to the NBA in the future.

Reece Beekman had his ups and downs in his team’s loss to Memphis.  He played well early on, but he struggled with turnovers, as he started forcing the issue too much in the second half of this game.

Beekman shot the ball well, as he excelled at making threes and scoring on strong, left-handed drives to the hoop.  He didn’t quite shoot as well from the mid-range nor take many shots, but Beekman’s ability to make shots from beyond the arc and off the dribble made him an effective scorer in this game.

However, he didn’t take good care of the basketball.  He passed the ball well early, and he was able to make passes off the dribble and find teammates on the move.  However, he would sometimes over-dribble, and he also would tend to throw hasty passes that would get picked off.  Beekman was uncharacteristically bad as a playmaker in this game, and his tendency to get his passes intercepted led him to be very turnover prone against Memphis.

Plus, Beekman did a good job of rebounding the basketball, and he is a solid rebounding guard that would snag defensive boards to help his team on the glass.  He also played decent defense in this game.  Beekman was able to cut off penetration when defending a drive to force a miss, and he did a very good job of staying in front of his man that time.  On another play though, he bit on a pump fake when defending in the post another time, which led him to commit a foul.

Overall, Reece Beekman didn’t have his best game, but despite not taking good care of the basketball, he did other things well on the court.  However, as he is Virginia’s point guard, it’s his job to take care of the basketball and not turn the ball over, and he didn’t do a very good job of doing that in this game.  He’s probably not a high-end prospect, but he’s shown that he can make plays in short segments.  Beekman doesn’t possess elite size or physical tools for his position, but his ability to make shots and defend could enable him to be a second round pick in the 2024 draft.

Memphis’ 6-7 senior forward, Jaykwon Walton seemed to have had a decent showing in this game.  He is an athletic, energetic swingman that excelled at making hustle plays to help Memphis on the court.  He would score on strong drives to the hoop, and showed good body control to finish plays around the basket.  He also was able to score on a tip-in.  On the downside, he didn’t shoot well from the outside, and he missed all of the threes that he took from beyond the arc.

As a playmaker, he looked to be about average.  He is an unselfish player that would make the extra pass, but also committed a pair of turnovers.  He also rebounded the ball fairly well in this game.  He also defended well, and he is a rangy defender that can get his hands on passes to get steals and deflections, and he also was able to contest a three to force a miss.

Overall, Walton did a good job of making hustle plays in this game, and even though he didn’t shoot well, he seemed to play much better than the box score indicated.  He’ll need to be a more consistent shooter in games, but he is a long, athletic swingman that could project into a 3 and D role at the NBA level.

Malcolm Dandridge played fairly well in Memphis’ win over Virginia.  He did a good job of scoring on hustle plays, and he is a strong, mobile center that would make plays defensively.  He also rebounded the ball well.  He didn’t really look to shoot jumpers, but he generally excelled as a finisher and rebounder around the basket. Overall, Dandidate quietly played well in this game, and he could compete for a backup big man role at the NBA level someday.

Caleb Mills also quietly played well to help lead Memphis to a win in this game.  He excelled as a shooter and scorer in this game, and he also defended very well.  Mills would score on open, spot-up threes, and he also excelled at scoring on hustle plays.  He also defended very well, and he also made an impressive block on a corner three to get a stop for his team.  Overall, Mills is an agile, skilled combo guard that can shoot, score, and defend, and he is a talented prospect that could end up making his way to the NBA someday.

All in all, those are my thoughts on how David Jones, Ryan Dunn, and other various prospects fared in this game.  Thanks for reading.

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