Vojislav Stojanovic

Page updated as of 4/12/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu.
2019 rankings were finalized on 6/19/2019.

Height: 6-6

Weight: 205

Country: Serbia

Professional Team: Vanoli Cremona

Classification: International ’97

Birthdate: 4/14/1997

Projected Draft Range: Likely Undrafted


Excels at scoring on the move

Adequate scorer off the dribble

Very good playmaker that sees the floor well

Very good rebounder

Adept at collecting steals and blocks

Rock solid motor

Smart player that has a good feel for the game


Needs to improve his shooting

Below average free throw shooter

Does not draw enough free throws

Can be prone to hoisting up questionable shots

May need to tweak his shooting mechanics

Can be a bit turnover prone

Struggles to guard quicker players

Not an elite athlete

Relies too much on overpowering his opponents


Vojislav Stojanovic is a smart, skilled point forward that may have an array of skills that could end up being useful in the league.  He is a good facilitator and rebounder, and he is an unselfish player that will do team things when he is on the court.​

But this season started out pretty rough for Stojanovic, as he experienced unexpected turmoil that could seriously damage his chances to get drafted this year.  What was especially bizarre, was that despite being quite productive overseas, especially for a player his age last year, as he averaged roughly 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists in the Italian League, he ended up being waived by Fiat Torino because Larry Brown did not want him on the roster.​

As for the time being, he will need to improve his jump shot and defensive skills.   Still, Stojanovic is a tall facilitator whose versatility could make him an option for NBA teams to select in the late second round portion of the draft.


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