The 2018 NBA Summer Almanac is Published

June 8, 2018

by Alan Lu

Hello readers!

Our friend, author, and basketball analyst Richard Lu has put out a new basketball book on Amazon, The NBA Summer Almanac, 2018 edition, as this covers all matters pertaining to the upcoming NBA offseason. For some background on him, he consulted for a couple of teams in the NBA and most notably, he helped the Bulls draft Jimmy Butler in 2011.

We welcome you all the opportunity to purchase this, as this is premium content containing well-detailed information on not just notable prospects in this draft, but it also outlines plans for each NBA team step for step on what the should be planning to do in the off-season.

There are two available covers for you guys to pick from, as the Cover 1’s photo is based on a drawing of DeAndre Ayton, and Cover 2’s photo is based on a drawing of Luka Doncic.  We hope that you find Richard Lu’s book to be a very valuable resource that can help guide you through the 2018 NBA Draft as well as in this offseason.


Richard Lu's book on Amazon: The NBA Summer Almanac, 2018 Edition on Paperback via Amazon (Cover 2)
The NBA Summer Almanac, 2018 Edition on Paperback via Amazon (Cover 2)

Also, we would like to give a big thanks to Hayley Faye of fayefayedesigns on for the cover designs, and to Josh Springer of The Candid Crow for additional photos.  For additional reference, you can also purchase the 2017 edition of the book, which is The NBA Draft Almanac, 2017 Edition.   Thank you for reading.